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Modern Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

This stunning looking outdoor gas fireplace is constructed for immediate huge heat output at the push of a button. The most modern gas fireplace in North America is made from 100% marine grade stainless steel suitable for all outdoor conditions. Entertaining all night or just relaxing after a day at work, the luxurious EF5000 outdoor gas fireplace is ideal for any occasion. 

The innovative, cutting-edge design means no flue is needed, which makes installation easy. Since the ESCEA outdoor gas fireplace insert is zero rated, it can be installed into any timber framed external construction or suitable wall or wood framed cavity. The EF5000 is available with either ESCEA's Ferro or Verto fronts in variety of colors and finishes.


Flame Effect       Two double helix, full surface burners fill the firebox with flames from the front to the back offering you 80% more flame than comparable ribbon burners

Zero Rating     Our suspended firebox allows convected airflow to cool the outer shell of the unit so that you can install the fire into timber framed cavities, giving you more design and installation freedom, as well as much lower construction costs. No additional openings are required for air flow or water drainage.

All Stainless Steel     The entire unit including the screws, nuts, bolts rivets, panels, firebox, and ignition tray is stainless steel. Constructed to withstand New Zealand’s Antarctic weather patterns, this is one of the most robust and durable outdoor fire on the market

Heat Output     Significant, instant, adjustable heat output.

Electronic ignition     Discreetly built into the side of the SS fascia is an electronic ignition unit with three adjustable flame height levels, putting you in control of your outdoor fire.

Elevated Fuel Bed     ESCEA Fuel beds combine ceramic coals with real stones for a realistic, three dimensional fuel bed.

Customizable Fascias     445 M2 grade stainless steel fascias with multiple color and finish options

Battery pack     Runs on three D cell batteries for portability and easy installation.

Parts Servicing     ESCEA’S specially designed modular drop in ignition tray system combines all internal componentry into one compact unit, making servicing quick and convenient without the need of separate access points.



Brochure    5000 Outdoor

Manual     EF5000 Installation Manual

User Guide     EF5000 User Guide

Gas Type:

Natural Gas


Energy Input:

26,000 - 56,000 BTU/h


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