Valor H6 Series


Valor H6 Series

The latest member to the Horizon family is the H6. With a 60% larger viewing area than the mid-sized H5 Series, the H6 is grand in presence. A powerful secondary heat exchanger promotes convective warmth backed by Valor radiant heat technology. Zone heat multiple spaces with the Valor remote blower kit accessory.

Tapered sides and a shallow firebox depth allow for smooth installation including tight corners.


Brochure    H6 2015                      Manual   1400IN 2015                     1" Trim Manual  1430FFKpdf                           3 1/4" Trim Manual  1435

H6 Features

Programmable Valor Comfort Control Remote

Visit the Valor Remote Overview page

Heats without Electricity

Operates even during a power outage

Standard Safety Barrier Screen

High quality ceramic glass window

Direct Vent Installation

Installs practically anywhere you want

Realistic Logs, Glass & Liners

Authentic contemporary & traditional designs

Insert Approved

Install as an Insert fireplace

Heats without the Need for a Fan

A quieter fireplace experience

Modulating Flame

Fire turns down for steady even heat

Burn Clean, Engineered Green

Cost effective, heating solutions for your home


Limited lifetime warranty program

Fireplace Components 


1400IN Direct Vent H6 Series Engine - NG (Requires Fuel Bed below)
1400IP Availability To Be Announced


1400DWK Driftwood Fire - Driftwood, Pebbles & River Rock
1400DGM Murano Glass Set
1400DGS Decorative Glass Set
1400LSK Log Set Kit


1410VRL Valor Red Brick Liner (Coming Fall 2015)
1415LSL Ledgestone liner
1425FBL Fluted Black Liner
1460PBL Plain Black Liner


1430FFK 1” Fixed Framing Kit in Black
1435TSB 3 1/4" Three Sided Trim Kit in Black
1440FSB 4" Four sided Trim Kit in Black
1440FSZ 4" Four sided Trim Kit in Bronze


658DVK2 Direct Vent Horizontal Termination & Wall Thimble
1156CLA Colinear Adaptor Kit
1195CFK Circulating Fan Kit
1265WSK Wall Switch Kit
1270RBK Remote Blower Kit
1405RGP Reflective Glass Panel (for use with 1425FBL & 1460PBL)
1506DRK Decorative Rock Kit
GV60PAK Power Adaptor Kit

H5 Product Specifications 

Glass Window Dimensions

The glass window dimensions of the H5 Series (1400) measure 36.125"w x 25.5"h for a total of 921 inches².


Model Gas Type Input (BTU/HR) Output Max
High Low
1400IN NG 36,000 19,000 26,928


H6 Dimensions


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