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Ready To Install Freestanding Fireplaces

The Stûv 21-clads are turnkey wood fireplaces that provide efficient heating, a refined design and the possibility of an open or closed fire. These simple and ingenious models do not need to be built into a wall and do not require any special finishing. Thanks to their steel casing, they are as simple to install as a wood stove.

Creator Of The FIRST Freestanding Fireplace

A fireplace that does not require any finishing on installation. The only fireplace in North America with a visible insulated chimney for a bold, contemporary look.

Single Or Double-Sided

Stûv 21-clad wood fireplaces come in many sizes and are available in single or double-sided format to allow for multiple architectural integrations.

Multiple Integrated Functions

Designed to match any decor style, Stûv 21-clad wood fireplaces include practical features such as a convection system and integrated log storage. No finishing work required.

Easy To Install

All you need to do is to install the chimney, the fireplace unit and the steel frame and the job is done.

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