In recent years, the demand for electric fireplaces has seen a roaring uptick and manufacturers are paying attention. Unlike the early days of simplistic design, today’s electric fireplaces are more realistic looking thanks to LED lighting, which is reflected off a spinning light refractor with three-dimensional patterns creating the illusion of flickering flames and the warm familiar glow of a gas or wood fire.

While not a large source of heat like gas or wood fires, electric fireplaces are capable of comfortably warming a room up to 400 sq. ft. through either coil-warmed air forced into the space, or infrared technology. Whether an insert into an existing FireSpace™, an in-set into a wall or furniture piece, wall-mounted, or a stand-alone unit, electric fireplaces are suitable for any indoor or outdoor space, including those that don’t have a designated FireSpace™, such as apartments, condominiums, and RVs. Just make sure the unit you select is CSA-approved for areas with a lot of moisture, such as bathrooms, or exposure to the environment/elements for outdoor models.

Adding to the flexibility of placement, is the ease of installation.  All you need is an electric power source of either 120V or 240V, depending on the fireplace model you choose. With the ability to customize accessories, such as log sets, rocks, and LED light-sets to modify flame colors, options are endless when it comes to selecting and customizing your electric fireplace to suit your lifestyle.

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