Nothing beats the sound of a crackling fire and the view of its flickering flames creating the nostalgic ambiance of the wood fires of yester-year. But whether a traditional open wood-burning fireplace or conventional wood stove, the strongest heat from the fire goes directly up the chimney resulting in significant heat loss from your space. And the visible smoke released from the chimney is full of fine particulate matter. Scientific research has shown that smoke from open wood- burning fireplaces and conventional wood stoves contributes to poor air quality affecting our environment and our health. With the push for improved fuel burning efficiency and less environmental impact around the globe, manufacturers have designed and engineered wood-burning fireplaces with advanced technology that completely burns smoke BEFORE it’s released into the air reducing up to 90% of smoke pollution. As a result, these modern-day clean burning and fuel-efficient fireplaces and stoves burn brighter with flames filling the entire cavity of the unit and generate far more warmth than those of the past.

Suitable for either indoor or outdoor spaces, wood-burning fireplaces and stoves are available as an insert into an existing FireSpaceTM, a zero-clearance free-standing unit situated in the centre of a space, or along a wall. Design options are endless offering all kinds of shapes, sizes, and window views to suite your lifestyle. Maxwell Fireplace offers only CSA and EPA-approved wood-burning fireplaces.

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