Whether natural gas or propane, gas fireplaces are still a great option for any FireSpace™. Whether replacing an existing wood-burning fireplace with a gas insert, renovating, or building a new home with a zero-clearance fireplace, gas fireplaces have come a long way in aesthetic and technical design, ease of use, and versatility.

Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces are considered energy efficient with their ability to heat a space quickly and maintain continuous comfort, even during a power outage. Providing impressive heat performance, they are equipped with built-in thermostats, easily turned on by way of remote handsets, leaving you in complete control of fuel consumption and temperature. Glass seals a fireplace opening to add to its efficiency, and realistic ceramic logs and embers give the look and feel of a wood-burning fire.

If you want to do away with heat protective barriers, such as gates or screens, safety clearance, and noisy fans, gas fireplaces designed with Cool Touch Technology™ are an excellent option. With advanced engineering and innovation, these space-saving unobstructed full-viewing fireplaces produce less radiant heat, resulting in lower glass temperatures and cooler surrounding areas. Designed for indoor use only, Cool Touch Technology™ minimalizes heat transfer to surrounding internal and external surfaces. Depending on the design and model, the fireplace draws cool air through the bottom – front intake, which is then passed between dual glass panes and circulated up through the FireSpace™ cavity. This unique technology heats glass temperatures to a maximum of 172 degrees F, vs. 600 degrees F in other gas fireplaces, and keeps the inner and outer walls of your FireSpace™ cool, giving you endless options for finishing materials and the freedom to showcase artwork, or install media above your fireplace with ease.

Whichever gas fireplace you choose, you can customize it by selecting from a wide range of accessories (log sets and rocks), and the option to finish it off with trim to complete a FireSpace™ that suits your lifestyle. Maxwell Fireplace offers a large selection of gas fireplace styles with options for customization, enabling you to design your indoor or outdoor space in the lifestyle of your choice. View our product catalogue, or contact our sales department for more information.

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